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New Music: 2020 Intro

I share the first song I've created in over 5 years: "2020 Intro" – ambient synthesizer music created with Ableton Live. Read more →post thumbnail

My 2020 Goals

In this blog post, I define and publish my personal goals for 2020. Read more →

Christmas 2019 in Los Angeles

A photo gallery showcasing my time spent in Los Angeles over Christmas week in 2019. Read more →

WorldPride NYC 2019

In 2019 I went to New York City for WorldPride 2019. This gallery contains my favorite shots taken while exploring Manhattan and attending the marches. Read more →post thumbnail

Upcoming Improvements To My Jekyll Site & Blog

My website is currently made up of a collection of microservices and APIs. This article documents those projects and provides an overview for my website's architecture and future plans. Read more →

Here, There and Everywhere Piano Cover

Me practicing "Here, There and Everywhere" on the piano. This is the first in a series where I'll share recordings of what I'm practicing on the piano when I find myself playing something I feel like sharing. Read more →

Hello, 🌎

On this new blog I plan to share things I find interesting, collections of drone and camera shots I've taken, and insights gained while building this website. Read more →
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