Front end designer in Phoenix, Arizona

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Review my coding habits, last 30 days.

Review my coding habits from the last 30 days.

About me

In the real world I inhabit Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Between five and ten weekday evenings I can typically be spotted near N33° 29.0744′, W112° 5.3194′.

I'm a multifaceted individual with a strong interest in computer science, music, and literature. Over the last few years I've been a web developer in a VC-funded EdTech startup, a full-time student by night, a cancer survivor, and an increasingly active contributor to open source projects.

On average, I log forty hours per month coding for open source projects, typically written in JavaScript and PHP. Learn more about my recent coding habits on my stats page.

If you are interested in working with me, I invite you to spend time perusing my online profiles and public projects to discover more about about me.