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My 2020 Goals

2019 has ended and 2020 is charging away. Here are some notable things from last year.

  • Visited Atlanta, Birmingham AL, New York City, Norfolk, Phoenix, Puerto Vallarta, and Seattle.
  • Attended Bay To Breakers, How Weird Street Faire, Bumbershoot Seattle, SF Pride and World Pride NYC.
  • Saw Chromeo, Giraffage, H.E.R., Jai Wolf, LP, and Toro Y Moi live.
  • Read 22 books.
  • Migrated my blog from Jekyll to Gatsby.
  • Made contributions to 8 open source repositories on GitHub.
  • Had my 2-year anniversary at GoDaddy.
  • Shared 154 photos on my Instagram feed.
  • Bought a piano, and now practice for at least an hour nearly every day.
  • Lost my dog Fingers to nasal cancer. :(

2019 was a period of undirected progress in my personal life. As I begin this new year, I have made it my plan to define and stick to long-term and short-term personal goals. These goals are meant to encourage me to create more and to refine both my creative and career skills.

In 2020, my goals are:

  • Read 28 books.
  • Visit Europe for the first time.
  • Practice piano 8 hours per week.
  • Publish 2 photo galleries to my blog per month.
  • Publish 1 blog article per month.
  • Record and publish 1 original song per month.
  • Record and publish 1 piano video per month.
  • Study and practice – outside of work or hobby projects – JavaScript design patterns for 3 hours per week.
  • Start a new hobby project in an unfamiliar, new programming language.
  • Learn basic Spanish.
  • Drink more water.
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