Reviving "Starry": An Original Song I Wrote and Recorded

Hi, 👋 I want to share a song that I wrote in the 2000s called "Starry." At the time, I was renting a band practice room in Tempe, Arizona, where I was learning to play various instruments and teaching myself how to compose, track, and create music using Ableton Live! and a cheap MIDI controller.

The Birth of "Starry"

"Starry" was one of the songs that came out of that period. I originally released it, along with a collection of other songs, under the band name Find Me by Midnight. The original version was a dancy electro-pop track. Despite the basic setup, it was an exciting time of experimentation and learning for me.


The lyrics are simple and repeating.

A little starry, a little starry I see.
A little starry, a little starry I see.
And I want you to see a little starry just like me.

The Acoustic Revision

Later on, I made an acoustic version of "Starry," which has a dreamy, indie pop feel. This version is more stripped down and focuses on the melody. You can listen to the acoustic revision on SoundCloud or on this page.

A New Chapter

For about 15 years, "Starry" has been online, but I haven't done much with it. Over that time, my style and skill have evolved significantly. Recently, I've been feeling inspired to revisit and re-record some of my old music, including "Starry," to see how it sounds with my current skills.

Thanks for taking the time to listen and for joining me as I explore this old material again.