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Nights In White Satin (Piano Cover) – The Moody Blues

Hey everyone,

I'm excited to share another piano practice session with you. Lately, I've been drawn to the timeless melodies of the 60s and 70s, and I've been exploring learning these classic songs on the piano. Today, I'm sharing a recording of me playing "Nights In White Satin" by The Moody Blues on the piano.

🎧 Listen to the audio recording: Link to SoundCloud Audio

Simple and Unedited: Just me, the piano, and the pure essence of the song. "Nights In White Satin," a classic by The Moody Blues, has left an indelible mark on the music landscape. As I sat down at the keys last weekend, I aimed to capture the essence of this iconic tune.

According to Last.FM, I've immersed myself in this 4-minute and 29-second song a total of 12 times. Each playthrough has been a journey through the evocative chords and melodies that have resonated through the decades.

In this practice session, I wanted to embrace the spirit of the original recording while infusing my own interpretation. The gentle progression of the keys brings out the emotions that the song evokes, and I hope that you can feel the sentiment I poured into every note.

Feel free to listen to the recording, and if you have any thoughts or feedback, I'd love to hear from you. Enjoy the music and the nostalgic journey!

Made in San Francisco