Piano Practice Session: "My Love" by Paul and Linda McCartney

Hi, 👋 I want to share a piano practice session featuring a song that's become a bit of an obsession for me over the last few years: "My Love" by Paul and Linda McCartney. This song is beautiful and it makes me happy. I added it to my practice rotation in May 2024 and recorded this version today, June 16, 2024. You can listen to it on this page or on SoundCloud.

I use to track and aggregate the songs I listen to through Spotify and Pandora. According to my data, I first started listening to the Wings 2018 remaster of "My Love" on May 2, 2020. Since then, it’s been in regular rotation. It’s fascinating to think this song, written and recorded in the early 1970s, grabbed my attention half a century later. It makes me wonder what other songs are out there waiting for me to discover. If you have any recommendations based on this and my other recordings, please message me—I’d love to check them out!

These piano practice sessions help me track my progress and learn from the recording process. This recording was done in six full takes at home, without any editing. The sixth take was the best, and that’s the one I’m sharing.

Here's my setup for this recording:

  • Instrument: Nord Grand
  • Microphone: 2x sE Electronics T1
  • Audio Interface: Universal Audio Volt 2
  • Monitors: Yamaha HS8
  • DAW: Ableton Live! 11

I hope you enjoy this rendition of "My Love" as much as I enjoyed playing and recording it. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments or message me with any song recommendations you think I might like.