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New Music: 2020 Intro

Returning to Music

I'm thrilled to share my reconnection with the world of music-making. It's been five years since my last recorded song, a hiatus that would have been unimaginable a decade ago. During those years, music was my passion, and I spent countless hours in a band practice room I rented near Arizona State University in Tempe.

Rediscovering the Craft

After this break, I'm once again immersing myself in the tools and techniques that allow music to flourish. The result is "2020 Intro," a track born from 13 original pieces and a single drum sample, meticulously crafted in Ableton Live.

Crafting "2020 Intro"

"2020 Intro" represents my reintroduction to the world of music production. It's the outcome of blending melodies, harmonies, and innovative sounds to create something that resonates with me.

Continuing the Musical Exploration

"2020 Intro" marks the beginning of my commitment to consistently create and refine my musical creations. I'm already looking forward to revisiting and evolving this track, letting it evolve alongside my musical journey.

Exploring the Creative Process

As part of this musical endeavor, I'm excited to launch a series of blog posts that delve into the process of crafting music. Each post will offer insights into the intricacies of composition and the valuable lessons I gather along the way.

Reviving "Find Me By Midnight"

I once shared my music under the name "Find Me By Midnight," and I'm excited to bring that name back to life. I'll be using this moniker to house my musical explorations once again on my SoundCloud account.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure. Stay tuned for more music, stories, and moments of inspiration.

Sincerely, Chris

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